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The Hov Pod Hovercraft can operate over any flat surface, so can operate as a real all-terrain vehicle. Hov Pod hovercraft can operate over water, rivers, lakes, ice, snow, sand, mud, grass and road surfaces. The HDPE (high Density Polyethylene) hull is unique and is specifically designed to give the durability to handle many different types of surfaces. Most small hovercraft are constructed from very thin Glass Fibre (GRP) which has a tendency to crack on impact - you need a durable hovercraft to handle different surfaces, especially when traveling over ice. HDPE is very durable and highly buoyant. We also offer larger Carbon Fibre models.

To see the different surfaces the Hov Pod can handle, please click the link above "Videos over Different Surfaces"

A Short Video Showing Hov Pod Over Many Different Surfaces

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hovercraft over different surfaces

Hovercraft over different surfaces

Hovercraft over different surfaces
Hovercraft are very useful for leisure and commercial use since they allow access to vacation cabins, fishing and hunting areas that other people cannot reach.

Commercial companies use hovercraft to detect unexploded bombs and ordnance in areas affected by war that need to be developed for installation of gas/oil pipelines.

Hovercraft allow users to reach tidal sand and mud areas to farm shell fish such as clams, cockles and mussels.

Bridge installation and repair companies use hovercraft to act as safety boats - boats are pretty useless on mud.

Rescue organisations use hovercraft to reach victims stuck in mud, or who have fallen through thin ice - every year, dog walkers and ice fishermen succumb to hypothermia and drowning since rescue boats are useless over ice. Mud victims need release from suction using an air lance. Our HDPE hovercraft are unique, manufactured from durable and buoyant HDPE, far stronger than glass fibre hoivercraft.

Hovercraft are also useful in flooding emergencies, since they have no propeller to get snagged on underwater obstacles, floating debris etc.

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